About Us

We understand that many people are spending too much time and effort trying to get rid of no longer wanted sneakers, in order to buy new sneakers, or just trying to get a little extra cash in the pockets. Overall, selling merchandise yourself can be overwhelming, time consuming and risky. Our customers had dealt with numerous deadbeat buyer/bidder, fraudulent payments, or worse robbed upon meeting at some random alley. when selling or buying sneakers on various online auctions or meet up forums. Many of you are dealing with the same problem, therefore we decided to create an online community that can help everyone who is facing the same annoying and time consuming problem. Through our Sell, Trade, and consignment you can now turn your new or used sneakers and others into cash or anything else that you have been looking for.

Our goal is to provide the most fascinating buying/selling experience to our clients. While sellers can benefit from our simple and hassle-free Sell, Trade or consignment services (which only takes minimal amount of effort to get the cash deserved), buyers can enjoy the variety of our selections, and the peace of mind from our 100% authentic merchandise. We also aim to provide exceptional customer service for our clients and visitors. Learn more about our company by visiting our frequently asked questions. 

Our online store is open 24/7, so you can shop whenever you like or you can visit us in person:

1675 NE 163rd Street
North Miami, FL 33162

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us 
(954) 374-9627