Instant Cash

Selling us your sneaker(s) is the solution for you to collect your money immediately . Unlike consignment, you don't have to wait until someone purchases your sneaker(s) to get paid. Sneaker Union will buy your sneaker(s) right now! No more dealing with the headaches, Sneaker Union will do the hard part for you . What are you waiting for?? Go collect some Cash!!!

Local Customers:

Please bring your sneakers, Monday-Thursday from 11am-6pm and Friday-Saturday from 12pm-7pm. We do not give price quotes over the phone on used shoes. We also require a valid form of ID.

Out Of State Customers:

Please proceed to step 1 below and we'll contact you within 1-2 business days. Once we agreed on the sales price, you can then ship your sneaker(s) along with the signed agreement to us. You'll then get paid via check or PayPal once we receive and inspect your sneaker(s) within 24-48 hrs. It's that simple!

We are currently accepting the following New or Used sneakers. (Examples: Air Jordan, Nike Dunk, Sb, Foamposite, KDs, Kobes, etc).

  • Step 1 — Fill out the form   
  • Step 2 — Ship it with your signed agreement  
  • Step 3 — Get paid your way